Wild in the Streets (1968)


Wild in the Streets is a 1968 film directed by Barry Shear and featuring Christopher Jones, Hal Holbrook, and Shelley Winters. It was produced by American International Pictures and based on a short story by writer Robert Thom. The movie, described as both “ludicrous” and “cautionary,” was nominated for an Academy Award (for best film editing) and became a cult classic of the counterculture era.

Its story-line was a projection of contemporary issues of the time, taken to extremes, and played poignantly during 1968 —an election year with many controversies (the Vietnam War, the draft, civil rights, the population explosion, rioting and assassinations, and the baby boomer generation coming of age).

The movie features cameos from several media personalities, including Melvin Belli, Dick Clark, Pamela Mason, Army Archerd, and Walter Winchell. Millie Perkins and Ed Begley have supporting roles, and Bobby Sherman interviews Max as president. In a pre-Brady Bunch role, Barry Williams plays the teen-aged Max Frost at the beginning of the movie.

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